What is CTOR?


CTOR is a private club for dirt bike and atv enthusiast.(single seat ATV's only, no side by sides) CTOR is centrally located between Round Rock, Belton and Fort Hood Texas near the town of Salado on I-35. CTOR offers a variety of riding over varying terrain. The multiple choice of trails offer everything from flat open easy riding, to tight and twisty, to difficult and technical. 90% of trails are directionally marked for safety and convenience. There are trails for all skill levels. Terrain types include black dirt, calichi, and gravely rock (no sand). This terrain drains quickly and does not stay muddy long after rain! Most of the terrain is generally flat and rolling with some good size hills and ledges. All most all the land is covered by oak and cedar. For members, CTOR is open 7 days a week. CTOR provides shady parking, hot water shower and flush toilet. RV hook-ups are also available! Click the contacts link to find out more.



Loop 3 Upgrades


Man it has been awhile since we did some work to the bottom/open portion of loop 3. Well the trail gods bleesed us with some good weather, moisture and equipment and we took advantage of it! We were able to get it all bladed and groomed. The 3 big turns that used to flood and get ruted were made into super sweet bowl turns. All the humps and jumps were fixed with about 8 more added. Not only that but the last 1/3 of the trail got a major upgrade and is totally awesome! With a little more rain to settle everything in it will be just fantastic to ride.




Loop 4 upgrades


During the last part of July and mid August we did a major over haul of the mid section of Loop 4. Lots of drainage work and rut repair was done. All of the natural terrain jumps and banked turns were refurbished also. As with the other sections we removed a few small trees to make this part flow better. Back in June we spent a nice rainy day Sunday doing a whole lot of work on Loop 4. The back section had grown over quite a bit and there were several humungus rain ruts that were keeping riders from riding the entire trail. We went through and trimmed out a bunch, I mean bunch, of trees and slappers to make it flow better for ATVs and allow bikes to roll a little faster. We even went back there and filled in all the large ruts. For added fun we put in some fun humps and jumps judt for the heck of it. So next time you come out go out and ride all of Loop 4 !

Loop 2 Upgrade


Loop 2 is the longest trail at CTOR, We did manage to get on the bottom section and get a lot of blading and drainage work done. While still in good shape we will try to get out there this winter and give it some TLC.



2014 Membership Drive

October 2013 thre Jan 1st 2014

! Membership for returning 2013 members is $300.00 and $375.00 for first time memberships. Memberships start effective January 1, however memberships are pror-rated as we go through the season! 2014

Membership Form PDF


Non - Members!!!!!

If you would like to come out and see CTOR make sure you call before you haul! We do close CTOR to non members during adverse weather conditions or special events. Bring correct change, cash only. A $20 dollar rider fee and $10 non riding guest fee is required.

Fun Videos

Here some fun videos to watch. All videos are shot in HD.

NEW! Toms Bad Day

Spode Muffin

Side Bars

Off The Trail

Loop 3

Danger Muffin

Loop 1 Rollercoaster

CTOR in Colorado